The Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is a regional effort coordinated by CIFT which combines resources from Ohio entities located at Northwest State Community College (Archbold) and Rhodes State College (Lima), who serve as partners in delivering valuable services to manufacturers within a 19 county territory.

The Ohio MEP offices serve as partners in delivering valuable services to manufacturers across Ohio. Plus, the staff has resources available beyond northwest Ohio through other Ohio MEP partners.

A resource catalog is available to help strengthen the industry by providing potential partners for solutions that accelerate effective and powerful innovations, training, and resources that drive economic growth and create jobs.  To obtain a copy, click here.

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Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Ohio has a rich history of manufacturing that continues to flourish in today's global economy. From automotive to advanced materials – Ohio's manufacturing landscape is more diverse than ever before. The Ohio MEP supports this valuable industry by providing the products, services, and assistance that are dedicated to the productivity, growth, and global competitiveness of Ohio manufacturers.  Ohio’s exports alone now exceed $48 billion a year and are continuing to grow.  Ranked third in the nation, Ohio leads all Midwest states in manufacturing. Also, with 60 percent of the U.S. and Canada’s population being within 600 miles of it, Ohio is a prime location for manufacturing and exporting industries.  Since 2004, the Ohio MEP program has been working with specialized nonprofits to provide low-cost business and technical assistance to small- and medium-sized manufacturers. The state investment is matched with federal MEP funds from the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), which is a part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

In September 2012, the Industrial Technology and Enterprise Advisory Council (ITEAC), which is responsible for making programmatic and funding recommendations to the Ohio Development Services Agency on the MEP program, recommended expanding Ohio's reach in manufacturing. The expansion would move from a two organization model (covering northern and southern Ohio) to a regional model, offering more assistance through five regional centers and seven partners, which work with manufacturers at any level.  By expanding the availability of manufacturing support, it is expected that Ohio will see a 10 percent increase in additional sales generated by MEP activities over 2011, and a 30 percent increase in the number of clients assisted.

Ohio Dream It.  Do it.

Ohio Dream It. Do It. is part of the Manufacturing Institute’s national network to close the skills gap in the advanced manufacturing sector.  American manufacturing is resurging.  There are over 14,500 manufacturing firms throughout Ohio, from Fortune 500 companies to small and mid-sized firms.  They account for more than $87 billion of output, significantly contributing to the state’s economy.   Ohio’s labor pool of 5.9 million workers is among the largest in the United States, with 773,000 manufacturing workers supporting its $89.3 billion state sector of the economy. However, there are thousands of unfilled jobs in manufacturing now that threaten continued growth and prosperity.

Ohio Dream It. Do It. introduces the world of today’s advanced manufacturing and provides resources to engage manufacturers, educators, students, and parents.  The information is useful for inspiring and building a talent pipeline of young people who understand what manufacturing is and what education and skills are needed to prepare for a career in manufacturing.

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Profitable Manufacturing Growth

Continuous Improvement

Improving methods by creating a smarter working environment helps minimize waste throughout various areas of a company. The MEP program has a reputation for providing quality services to enhance company efficiency. Continuous Improvement helps to restructure workflow which saves time and money, allowing manufacturers to reduce their wasted time and effort. Ohio MEP can provide their services as an approach to implement concepts of LEAN manufacturing across all levels of a company.

Supply Chain Development

Manufacturers need to work efficiently and effectively within the global market. To help improve quality and profitability of each company, Supply Chain Development is used to allow suppliers to understand the needs of an industry, market demands and improvements needed to stay competitive in the ever changing economy. Ohio MEP will work to develop services useful to put suppliers in the best position to succeed in the current and future supply chains.

Workforce Development

A well developed and skilled workforce that covers all levels of an organization is a crucial element in the growth of a manufacturer. Ohio MEP has developed training efforts and assistance tailored to the specific needs of smaller manufactures. With work from partnerships, companies will have access to information in regards to business goals, employee training, recruitment techniques and workforce development skills.


There are companies who find themselves consistently in the news for their positive contributions and environmental awareness. Other companies are receiving attention for the undesirable impacts being applied to the environment. These are the companies that feel the pressure from clients, employees and industry to make a positive change. The Ohio MEP can provide manufacturers with steps to create a sustainable organization that can lead to new business opportunities as they adapt. The MEP program assists in helping minimize employee risks, environmental management systems or developing tactics to work toward environmental regulations, and more that can help create a solution that best fits the companies’ needs.

Technology Acceleration

Fast-tracking opportunities to control and embrace new technology are keys to long-term business growth and productivity for manufacturers. The Ohio MEP will assist in connecting manufacturers with technology opportunities and solutions that are needed to develop and compete in the current marketplace. By providing a variety of product development and commercialization assistance, the MEP is able to help manufacturers rapidly move new product opportunities into production and out into the marketplace quickly.