A round-table discussion with experts from the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture

Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2018

1:30 - 3 p.m.

This round-table style webinar is for your questions about agriculture topics before you prepare for the next season. Hear from a wide range of expert presenters on soil, greenhouse gas emissions, economic and environmental sustainability, maize breeding and genetics, organic and conventional growing evaluations and more!

Attendees will be able to interact in the presentation by asking and answering questions during and following the webinar. If you prefer, you can submit questions up to three days prior to the webinar by emailing them to Michael Stermock, agribusiness development specialist, CIFT at mstermock@ciftinnovation.org.

Instructions to join the webinar will be sent following registration.


Jane Johnson ARS
Dr. Scott
Michel Cavigelli photo

Jane Johnson, PhD

Areas of expertise include carbon sequestration, greenhouse gas emissions, and the use of biomass for energy generation. Dr. Johnson is a research soil scientist focused on developing environmentally sustainable, economically viable, and agronomically feasible agricultural practices through local, national and international cooperation.

Paul Scott, PhD

Dr. Scott has worked on maize breeding and genetics for over 20 years. His focus has been on the improvement of nutritional quality and other traits of interest to organic corn breeders. Dr. Scott is currently exploring the use of pollen control systems to improve the genetic purity of maize grain.

Michel Cavigelli, PhD

As a soil scientist, Dr. Cavigelli serves as lead scientist on the Farming Systems Project, a long-term cropping system project devoted to evaluating the sustainability of organic and conventional methods. In addition, Dr. Cavigelli conducts research to improve nutrient management in diverse cropping systems and is an expert on nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils.