Discover the benefits of CIFT membership

About CIFT

ResearchSince 1995, the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT) has organized and managed a membership-based consortium of food industry companies, their suppliers, and academic institutions.  The goal of the consortium is to enhance the economic viability of Ohio's food and agricultural sector through technology.  Since its inception, more than seventy companies and institutions have been members of the CIFT consortium.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Research Funding - Member input defines research projects of mutual technical interest.  CIFT organizes and, in some cases, provides funding on industry-driven projects. 
  • Technical Staff - CIFT employs food scientists, engineers and technicians who can be made available to member companies based on a temporary need for additional human resources. 
  • Technical Information - Whether on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, CIFT industry information specialists will proactively scan and report resources of interest based on the parameters defined by the individual member.Events
  • Grant Opportunities - CIFT frequently searches for opportunities to collaborate with its members on technology or economic development grant programs from Federal, State, or foundation sources.  
  • Networking - Through ongoing educational events and membership meetings, CIFT offers opportunities for its members to connect with researchers and other respected food industry professionals.

Learn more about the numerous programs and services offered by CIFT.  For a list of current CIFT members, click here.