Monday, Apr. 23, 2018 | 1 – 5 p.m.

Educating food businesses on the countless number of food-borne illnesses and product recalls that could be avoided through proper handling, processing and storage of food will be the featured topic at a seminar hosted by the Center for Innovative Food Technology (CIFT), Monday, Apr. 23, 2018 from 1 – 5 p.m. at the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen (NOCK).

Nationally recognized food safety expert Shari Plimpton, Ph.D., vice president, director of food industry programs, CIFT, will discuss fundamentals of proper production practices, sanitation and hygiene practices for safe, high-quality product. An introduction to the basics of Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls as a method of identifying and preventing hazards that may result in the contamination of food will be included. Providing safe, wholesome products, meeting regulatory requirements, reducing customer complaints, and avoiding product recalls are the take home points from this comprehensive workshop.

(Please note that this seminar does not provide PCQI certification, also known as Preventive Controls Qualified Individual certification.)

Eric R Eggly, PointSeven Studios

Shari Plimpton, Ph.D.
Vice President, Director of
Food Industry Programs

Eric R Eggly, PointSeven Studios

Stacy Vernon
Project Manager


AIF/NOCK; 13737 Middleton Pike (SR 582); Bowling Green, OH 43402. Contact 419-535-6000, ext. 117 for more information.


$25/person for NOCK tenants; $30/person for non-tenants.