Sutas and Nucharee Pipatjarasgit, immigrants from Bangkok, Thailand, came to the U.S. in 1968 with only $300, and in search of the American Dream.

Borrowing money on a handshake and promising to pay for design and construction services, the Pipatjarasgit’s opened Toledo, Ohio based Magic Wok in 1983 in one of the first mall food courts in the nation. The vision was to serve fresh Asian entrees in an open environment.

Because of the supportive community and a dedicated managementteam and staff, there are now nine area locations. After years of success and increased popularity in the Toledo market, Magic Wok needed a facility to accommodate the growing business; particularly for various sauces used throughout the menu.

The facility would need to be able to provide recipe modifications for increased batch production, food safety compliance, and other assistance specifically geared toward food entrepreneurs.

In 2014, Magic Wok learned about the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen (NOCK), in Bowling Green, Ohio through CIFT, the regional coordinator of the Ohio MEP. The Pipatjarasgit’s were looking for a processing facility that could accommodate their growth, and allow Magic Wok to process a consistent product in an environment that adhered to food safety guidelines – thus saving each location from handling these timing-consuming tasks.

Only a few months later the company began processing, and continues to use the facility on a regular basis as an integral part of its successful food operation.

By processing at CIFT’s facility, Magic Wok enjoyed more than $800,000 in increased and retained sales, and six jobs were also retained. There were $200,000 in savings on investments, $80,000 in cost savings, and a $10,000 investment into new products and processes.

“As our business grows, product consistency and quality control become more difficult to manage,” said Annie Pipatjarasgit, owner and marketing director, Magic Wok. “The convenience of using the NOCK has been an integral part of meeting this challenge and has allowed us to mass produce our sauces to fulfill our demand. We recommend the NOCK to any small business that is looking for a facility to test and produce their products without investing a large amount of capital.”

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