CIFT member, Willy’s Fresh Salsa, a maker of fresh salsa found in thousands of stores nationwide, has achieved the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard Certification which is known in the food manufacturing industry as a leading global quality and food safety certification program.

The certification was accomplished in their first attempt which is a rare feat for most small business food companies. The “AA grade” that Willy’s Fresh Salsa received was the highest grade possible.

“The results of this initial audit exemplify the commitment and dedication of the entire team at Willy’s to making safe delicious, fresh salsa while maintaining world class quality and service,” said David Cole, COO/CIO, Willy’s Fresh Salsa. “We are very excited for what lies ahead.”

Achieving such certification assures customers, retail stores, brokers and other parties that they are dealing with a company that is monitoring and continually improving product quality and safety as well as ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and governmental regulations.

“This opens the door for Willy’s Fresh Salsa to meet with the largest retailers in the nation who would not normally consider selling a product unless they had received such certification,” said Rebecca A. Singer, president and CEO, CIFT. “This is a very significant milestone for their company.”

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