On behalf of Ohio and West Virginia dairy farm families, the American Dairy Association (ADA) Mideast provides science-based dairy nutrition information to, and in collaboration with, a variety of stakeholders committed to fostering a healthier society, including educators, school nutrition directors, health professionals, academia, consumers and media.

ADA wanted to determine whether there is a need for a milk container between the half gallon and gallon size, or approximately 96 ounces. Several questions ensued: Would this size offering potentially reduce product waste? Would it also reduce running out of product at home? Does the regional conclusion match the national survey results that the ADA conducted? ADA sought the expertise of CIFT to answer these questions. CIFT personnel, including food scientists and engineers are experienced professionals in the food industry and work to stay ahead of developing trends within the industry. In order to assist ADA, CIFT market research personnel conducted focus groups among grocery shoppers who regularly purchase milk.

CIFT resources have considerable experience in conducting market research about food products, and were able to provide focus group services that would obtain the consumer feedback needed to help ADA make an informed decision about whether to introduce the new packaging size or not. This qualitative research suggested that a 96-ounce package may have potential if the price point makes it a cost-effective purchase. The smaller profile package can fit in smaller refrigerators, which may be a selling point.

As a result of the findings from both the quantitative national survey and the CIFT qualitative focus groups, the new size has been introduced to the market place.

“We have been members of CIFT for many years,” said Tracy Enslen, vice president of business development, ADA Mideast. “The services they provide are an asset to our organization. The focus groups allowed us to determine what customers want, and why. One can assume they know and can be proven wrong every time. This gave us the direction we needed to provide an innovative idea to the dairy industry. United Dairy has adopted the concept and has declared the new package a success.”

ADA projects a two percent increase in sales from the new packaging size.

To learn more how CIFT can help your company through focus groups and market research reports, contact 419-535-6000, ext. 142 or info@ciftinnovation.org.