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28 Oct: Manufacturing Month – Celebrating Manufacturing in Ohio

Manufacturing Month has “formally” ended, but the conclusion of the month doesn’t mean the fun ends! Ohio produces $122.2 billion…

21 Oct: Why GFSI Certification or Other 3rd Party Audits?

Smaller food businesses often have challenges obtaining prime shelf space in the retail market. Just think how many options there…

29 Sep: Lean Benefit #1: Eliminating Wastes

The heart of lean is eliminating wastes in all aspects of manufacturing. In lean, waste is defined as anything that…

29 Sep: Lean Benefit #2: Organization/Cleanliness

Lean manufacturing is getting your production to run as efficiently and effectively as possible. In order to do so, it…

29 Sep: 3 Stages of Automation Integration

Integrating an automation solution without much background knowledge can be intimidating. CIFT is an expert at facilitating integration, and this…

24 Sep: Automation: Is It Worth It for Small to Midsize Food Manufacturers?

Automated manufacturing processes have led to incredible increases in throughput and efficiency for manufacturers in all industries. However, automation adoption…

3 benefits of implementing lean
22 Sep: 3 Benefits of Implementing Lean: A Blog Series

When you look up the definition of lean manufacturing, you’ll get a lot of results, but in summary the focus is on minimizing waste in order to maximize productivity. Now, more than ever, companies are in dire need to get the most bang out of their buck and run as efficiently as possible.

03 Sep: Cybersecurity Compliance Saves Big

Robotic Technical Support Services (RTSS) helps companies stay competitive by providing engineering, installing, servicing and upgrading of robotic and automated…

02 Sep: NOCK Takes It To The Next Level

Guac Shop, founded by Danielle Arbinger, makes four delicious and unique styles of guacamole. Danielle had been making her special…