Thursday July 16, 2019

10 - 11 a.m.

What is an energy audit and what can it do for your business?

The Energy Audit Survey is the initial step of an efficient systematic approach established to streamline energy efficiency improvement efforts that significantly reduce operating costs.

It begins by assessing your facility’s energy usage and processes.  This information is combined with industry metrics to:

  1. Determine energy-savings opportunities
  2. Identify and prioritize energy conservation initiatives
  3. Create an Energy Conservation Roadmap to reduce energy usage
  4. Agree on energy-savings priorities

The Energy Audit Survey is:

  • Comprehensive:    Provides a cursory look at the major energy usage operations
  • Systematic:      Involves an orderly sequence of investigative steps
  • Independent:    Conducted with sufficient independence to attain objectivity


Mark Schreiber  - Energy Project Manager

HM White

Mark worked for 8 years as a Submarine Officer in the U.S. Navy. Following his service, Mark worked for 10 years as Senior Test Engineer at a First Energy Nuclear Power Station. 

Mark brought to HM White at total of 20 years of experience as on-site energy conservation engineer at FirstEnergy Corporation and at Professional Engineering Services where he developed energy conservation initiatives, programs and capital projects for General Motors. 

Dan Volz - Energy Program Manager

HM White

Dan has over 30 years of experience in drafting, construction and engineering, from designer to installer and project manager. Dan manages energy conservation projects for HM White since 2011, leading many projects at GM, Ford, Subaru, and Siemens. 

Dan brought to HM White his knowledge in structural and mechanical design, fabrication, ventilation and pollution control and his project management experience.