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How can CIFT provide solutions to your business needs?

CIFT is the resource to turn to for your company's next initiative. From technology acceleration to internships, CIFT has many opportunities to help your business succeed.

Accelerating Commercialization of Technology

Testing, final design, or technical assistance on any type of technology for a company that requires ones last step before commercialization.

Pollution Prevention (P2)

An energy and/or environmental assessment that will identify areas of opportunity for improvement with regards to lighting, compressors, refrigeration or waste stream management.

Additive Manufacturing

Interested in 3-D printing? Learn how your company can prototype a 3-D printed part.

Continuous Improvement (Lean Manufacturing)

CIFT members can benefit from a cost reduction in continuous improvement training. The emphasis is placed on cultural programming in that the entire company understands lean versus just one or two people charged with instituting.

Cyber Security

Suppliers of Department of Defense contracts must have assurances related to Cyber Security per DFARS. Companies are at risk of losing business if this is not achieved. Not all IT professionals are aware or know what to look for in the determination of suitability. The automotive industry has issued a similar requirement.

Select Qualified Companies

New to CIFT? Haven't interacted in a while? Interested in learning how to work together? This one-time funding opportunity is for qualified companies looking to explore a project and capitalize a new service. Connect with a CIFT representative to learn how a challenge can be addressed at a quarter of the cost. Experience increased value and overall business impact.

Examples of what may apply, but not limited to: 

  • Cyber Security Evaluation
  • Automation - An assessment can be done that will highlight if and how automation can be used within the facility
  • ERP - An evaluation of a current operating system or assistance in the determination of one suitable for installation
  • Gap Food Safety - Review of food safety plans or other requirements
  • Foreign Body Line Mapping or any technical assistance
  • Creative Culinary Concepts - Consultation for food entrepreneurs to assist with defining a pathway for a product launch to culinary enhancements
  • Facility Layout and Design
  • Much more! Inquire for details
If you have a particular challenge or interested in exploring a new avenue for increased business performance, consider CIFT as your starting point. 

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