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As an industry, the last year has shown how essential and strong we are. We have overcome never before seen challenges in the market and even within our organizations caused by a once in a century pandemic. And throughout it all we have kept our fellow citizens fed and our colleagues safe. 

Now it's time to look at what comes next and that is the focus of our 2021 Ohio Food Industry Summit. We will be joined by leaders and speakers on trends in food processing, the state of innovation, research and much more. Please join us as we gather with others in our industry on April 15, 2021.

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“Weighing The Future of Food”

Shelley Balanko has an informed understanding of social and cultural influences impacting the marketplace of today and tomorrow. Shelley regularly engages a diverse audience spanning the foodservice, consumer packaged goods and retail segments as she shares leading-edge consumer insights and implications from the field.

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"The Process of Innovation"

Vice President of Global Packaging Research, Development and Quality leading packaging development, innovation, sustainability, productivity and design across all markets, categories, and brands for Mondelez International - one of the world’s largest snack companies.

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"Lessons Learned 2020: Supply Chain and Sales"

2020 was a year like no other. This breakout session will be a discussion from three leading Ohio food processors reflecting on what happened, how they addressed challenges and what lessons they learned.

Research Update

This breakout session will feature and highlight Food Science & Technology faculty research in new and emerging areas as it pertains to our industry.

Breakout Session

In this session, South Mill Champs CEO Lewis McCloud, CIO Jim Felty and Delta Bravo CEO Rick Oppedisano will share SMC’s innovative vision and discuss use cases for improving yield with data-driven operator feedback and improved financial forecasting.

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Breakout Session

Indicator organisms are non-pathogenic microorganisms that may be naturally present in food or the environment. Sampling for indicator organisms is not a substitute for testing for pathogens but can be used to assess the overall sanitation or environmental conditions of a facility.

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