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Our team keeps growing with a brand new position! We are happy to introduce Adam Hintz to the team as Marketing Communications Specialist. Adam officially started with CIFT in February this year and he is ready to help us build our story and brand. We asked him some questions to get a glimpse into his role and what makes him

What are you excited about in this new role? 

I get to continue to build relationships with NW Ohio and Ohio companies with CIFT.  My previous life was working for a local business-to-business-publication where I was able to help promote a lot of companies in a lot of different industries to other NW Ohio companies. Learn what they do and how they operate and where they want to be in the future. To be a part of their story, watch them succeed, and get their message out properly was always important to me. With CIFT, they are helping a lot of Ohio firms explore opportunities to start up new companies, improve their companies, along with sharing their success stories through our websites and blogs. I look forward to continuing on the path of building new business relationships and expanding on others with CIFT.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work? 

I like marketing! I’ve liked marketing and advertising my whole life, even as a kid. TV ads, billboards, how things are spun in the media, how an article is written, and the angle the writer provides, how companies present themselves to the public, the logic behind it, what message they are trying to portray.  I am also motivated to understand how things have progressed as a kid with these same interests in how marketing has expanded to new platforms like social media, video game consoles, VR, company websites, and all the tracking behind it all, really amazes me. Not that crazy about pop-up ads, I am not that insane. To be a part of the CIFT marketing team and part of a great organization allows me to continue on this path and to continue to keep learning about marketing as it evolves, along with continuing to see how companies are advancing that we are working with, especially in the food and manufacturing industries.

What has been your favorite project/initiative so far? Or what do you like the most about CIFT?  

Been very impressed by the team, very professional and knowledgeable about their areas of expertise from engineering, safety, agribusiness, manufacturing, advance manufacturing, packaging, the food industries, among the many other services CIFT provides, and of course, all have been very nice. The NOCK program is a crown jewel for NW Ohio and Ohio, a program that helps support and launch small food and agricultural industry business owners, provide services for medium and large companies, and the services they provide are amazing. What a great resource for NW Ohio and the community. This is an extraordinary program that really needs to be exploited for companies to use in Ohio.

What’s one thing you want people to know about your role, service or CIFT? 

I care. I want everyone around me to achieve their goals and succeed in what they do. I want to get to know them and work with them on discussing new ideas or promotions or opportunities or just having friendly conversations. One thing I am proud about my career in marketing and sales has been growing long trustworthy relationships with my customers and team members. A practice I want to continue with CIFT.

What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I am pretty much an open book. I like everything sports related, everything automotive, anything with any entertainment value, being outdoors, exploring, traveling, spending time with family, hanging out with friends. Open to new adventures and also occasionally a homebody. Also a collector of many things.

excited for this new position.

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