Partners in solutions and innovation for food processing and manufacturing.

For over 25 years we have been focused on our mission of driving competitiveness for food processors, manufacturers, and agribusiness through a unique blend of business solutions, innovation and technical expertise.

We work with our partners and clients guided by our values of integrity, passion, and commitment

What makes working with us different is our unique ability as a non-profit to deliver solutions and support innovation through direct services as well as vast resources of an extensive network, including the Ohio MEP, enables valuable interactions and meaningful results.

Meet our Project Engineer - Matt Inniger

Matt has been with CIFT for 3 years and in that time has worked with hundreds of companies providing various engineering solutions needed to fit unique situations. We asked Matt some questions to get a glimpse into his role and what motivates him.

What do you do at CIFT?
I’m responsible for providing engineering solutions to CIFT clients, facilitating services provided by outside A&E groups, and managing CIFT’s Advanced Technology Program in the areas of automation and robotics. I also support our Product Development team on certain projects, both in benchtop work and production scale-up

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?
My biggest passion is health and fitness

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