• Rebecca Singer
    President and CEO
  • Kathy Hermiller
    Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Shari Plimpton, Ph.D.
    Vice President, Director of Food Industry Programs
  • Paula Ray
    Operations Manager - NOCK
  • Troy Wildermuth
    Vice President, Director of Manufacturing
  • Stacy Vernon
    Food Safety & Operational Specialist
  • Cathy Witte
    Business Development & Manufacturing Specialist
  • Matt Inniger
    Program Manager - Advanced Food Technology
  • Elizabeth Murawski
    Business and Workforce Development Manager
  • Todd Underwood
    Strategic Marketing Manager
  • Nancy Hansen
    Database & Office Assistant
  • Holly Clapp
    Accounting Clerk and Human Resources
  • Isabel Montez
    Outreach Technician
  • Derrick Coleman
    Project Manager - Food Production
  • Angela Nissen
    Communications and Outreach Specialist
  • Joseph Schultz
    Project Manager - Industry 4.0
  • Kareem Hammuda
    Small Business Development Specialist