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You are the foundation of the entire food chain

We are a non profit whose mission is to help agribusiness grow and advance. Through demonstrations of innovative growing, managing and working with growing systems we work with you to achieve those goals. We sponsor and hold educational events showcasing the latest industry news and data.

If your challenges include evaluation of energy use, applying LEAN principles or facility efficiency our team can offer direct assistance.

As well as direct assistance, our deep network, along with a partnership with the Ohio MEP, gives us the ability to help you in all facets of your growing process.

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Our Services

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Lean manufacturing, or lean production is often associated with manufacturing but also has wide application for agribusiness. This system of techniques and activities for running production storage or production operations with one primary underlying principle: the elimination of all non-value-adding activities and waste from the business.

We know your facility has its own unique circumstances and challenges. This requires a plan that is designed for just for you. That's why we start with a complimentary and comprehensive assessment to get the information and options you need to get started on becoming lean.

Energy Evaluation

Energy costs are one of the most overlooked areas for savings and improving the bottom line for an agribusiness. But the solutions and improvements are not always easy to find.

The Energy Audit Survey is the initial step to identifying those areas and creating an efficient systematic approach to streamline energy efficiency improvement efforts that significantly reduce operating costs. The audit is comprehensive and independently done resulting in a plan that is achievable and optimal for your business.

Agriculture Technical Services

Our team can offer direct service or partnership for technical services to help your business grow. We have an experienced food safety team that can help you grow your farm to fork initiatives.

If you are looking for growing methods to help diversify your business we have extensive growing systems expertise.  We have experience in modeling vertical hydroponics, trellis growing systems, hoop houses, hops production and flash freeze/dehydration systems.

Our organization also serves as a catalyst to advance research projects and shepherding them through marketplace implementation. We have a Membership Consortium of leading companies engaging in these projects throughout the food supply chain.

Our Resources

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We have spent over 25 years helping agribusiness  and building a network of service providers to address every level of production. This network has a proven track record of delivering the solutions to help you grow across our region.

Our team can help guide you to the correct type of service as well as help you manage the project from start to finish. We can help save you the time and resources it takes to get those difficult projects started and implemented.

Our mission is to help you find new solutions and thrive. Contact us today to get started.