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CIFT Membership Consortium

What is Our Membership?

Our members are food processors, food equipment manufacturers, service providers, academic institutions and associations that represent the entire industry.

Throughout the year our members engage in networking events both in person and online to share the latest perspectives and information that impact the food industry.

Innovation Members

Our Innovation members represent established food processors as well as industry leading service providers in the food processing space.

They are investors in collaborative projects with the CIFT team and other members for exploratory technologies that will have long term impact for their businesses as well as the food industry as a whole.

Signature Members

Our Signature level members represent mid-sized and growing food processors, manufacturers for the food industry supply chain, and associations from across the state of Ohio.

Signature members work closely with our CIFT team and other members on projects designed to accelerate growth and competitiveness.

Signature Members

Our Values = Integrity,
Passion and Commitment

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Hear From
Current Members.

Membership is your connection to share best practices with industry leaders, while accelerating overall innovation.

“As we look to innovate and add new technology to benefit our customers, we are very pleased with the results of our CIFT membership and look forward to continuing the partnership.”
– Bob Grote – CEO, Grote Company.

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