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Food Safety


Food Safety

The Importance of
Food Safety

Food safety is the bedrock of any successful food processing company. Beyond keeping customers safe, it protects your company’s reputation, enhances customer trust, and drives operational excellence. Robust food safety programs and initiatives act as a defense against hazards and risks that jeopardize product quality and consumer health and foster a resilient brand image, reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering safe and reliable food products to the market.

When customers trust that the products they purchase are free from potential harm, they are more likely to develop brand loyalty, make repeat purchases, and even recommend the products to others. Our team has the expertise and resources to help food processors of any size develop or optimize their food safety plans and protocols.


Food safety training can have far-reaching positive business impacts. Training can help establish a culture of excellence that leads to heightened consumer trust and confidence in the quality and safety of your products. As regulatory requirements become more stringent and consumer preferences increasingly move toward safe and transparent food products, you can gain a competitive edge by not only meeting but exceeding industry standards.

Avoiding recalls that are brand-damaging and dangerous for your customers is an important benefit of having a well-trained workforce. Preventing a recall is much less costly than dealing with one after the fact.

Our team can help you train in the following areas:

HACCP Training
PCQI Training
Internal Auditor Training
Customized Training

Regulatory Compliance

Your team is trained and your safety plan has been prepared. But are you meeting all the regulatory requirements for your facilities? Is your plan being appropriately implemented with no gaps? Understanding and analyzing your plan for compliance is critical for its success. Our team has experience testing and looking at safety plans and ensuring that they are compliant with all the latest updates and regulations.

We can also assist in the implementation of comprehensive environmental monitoring programs that ensure that potential hazards are quickly identified and addressed before they become a problem, preventing contamination and costly recalls.

FSIS and FDA Regulatory Compliance
HACCP and Food Safety Plan Development
Environmental Monitoring Program Development
Preparation for regulatory visits and regulatory visit corrective action support

Third-Party Audits

There are many advantages and benefits for any food processor that achieves a third-party safety certification like GFSI. Certification can help open up more access to new markets with companies like Amazon and Nestle recognizing them. Certification helps build more confidence in company culture leading to better performance along with higher standards of safety.

Our team can help you create the plan to pass your initial audit, conduct your internal audit for your recertification audit, or make sure you are in compliance with the evolving standards.

GFSI Program Development
3rd Party Audit Support, such as GMP, Organic, and GFSI audits.


Having an accurate label is both necessary legally and to get your product on the shelves of the stores you want. Our team can help analyze your product labels to ensure they are in compliance with regulations and the requirements to meet your business needs.

Calculated nutritional analysis/labeling
Label Reviews

Process Validation and Testing Support

Launching a new product or a new way to make the product is an exciting time for any food processor. However, getting the process correct and approved can be a challenge. Not all companies have the in-house capabilities to meet the challenges and do so quickly.

We have the expertise and resources to help with new equipment and validation support, including laboratory testing.

Challenge Studies
Process Validation Support
Product testing/laboratory resources
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