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For over 25 years we have been focused on our mission of driving competitiveness for food processors, manufacturers, and agribusiness through a unique blend of business solutions, innovation and technical expertise.

What makes working with us different is our unique ability as a non-profit to deliver solutions and support innovation through direct services as well as vast resources of an extensive network, including the Ohio MEP, delivering valuable interactions and quantifiable impact.

Our Values

At CIFT, we work every day to help food processors and manufacturers grow and compete. This means living up to our values by following through on our promises, prioritizing actions that lead to results, and taking responsibility for our work. We believe in accountability and listening to our clients and each other to enhance collaboration and success while delivering positive outcomes.


We are committed to getting the job done. This means following through on our promises, prioritizing actions that lead to results, and taking responsibility for our work. We believe in accountability, avoiding the blame game, and listening to our clients and each other to drive collaboration and success.


Passion drives everything we do. We approach our work with enthusiasm and take pride in the impact our efforts have on our industry and community. We are impact-focused, understanding that the success of our partnerships is how we measure our success.


Expertise is at the core of who we are. We bring a wide scope of skills and experiences to our collaborations. Continuous learning is embedded in our culture, as we always seek opportunities to grow and expand our knowledge.


We strive to be forward-thinking, exploring new possibilities because we understand our industry and market are constantly adapting and changing. We embrace having an open mind and see it as a catalyst for growth and innovation.


Dedication is foundational to our approach. We show up consistently, supporting our team to see tasks through to completion. We know that understanding the bigger picture allows us to adapt and contribute beyond our roles. We’re willing to wear multiple hats and go the extra mile to support our team and achieve success for ourselves and our partners.


Encouraging teamwork is fundamental in our day-to-day operations and strategy. We value different perspectives, recognizing they deliver deeper discussions and better outcomes. Patience and support are integral to our team, as we work to support and empower each other. Kindness and empathy are keys to helping us work better across our organization and in partnership with others.


Rebecca Singer
President & CEO
Rebecca Singer
Kathy Hermiller
Vice President, Finance and Administration
Paula Ray
Operations Manager
Troy Wildermuth
Troy Wildermuth
Vice President, Director of Manufacturing
Stacy Vernon
Food Safety & Operations Program Manager
Cathy Witte
Business Development and Manufacturing Specialist
Matt Inniger
Program Manager – Advanced Food Technology
Kareem Hammuda
Small Business Development Specialist
Todd Underwood
Strategic Marketing Manager
Rachel Petropoulos
sustainability specialist
Holly Clapp
Account Clerk and Human Resources
Isabel Montez
Outreach Technician
Derrick Coleman
Project Manager –
Food Production
Joseph Schultz
Program Manager – Industry 4.0
Jayne Tegge
Jayne Tegge
Business Operations Specialist

CIFT Governing Board

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