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Workforce Solutions


Workforce Solutions

Our Workforce Solutions

Northwest Ohio manufacturers face significant challenges when it comes to workforce issues. These challenges include finding skilled workers, retaining talent, and adapting to changing industry demands. Our team at CIFT understands these challenges because we have first-hand experience in the manufacturing industry, as well as a deep commitment to supporting local businesses. As the MEP Partner, we are well-equipped to provide solutions and provide needed resources.

From training programs tailored to address specific skill gaps to offering resources for talent acquisition and retention, we look forward to helping manufacturers overcome their workforce challenges. Through collaboration, we can create a more resilient and competitive manufacturing sector in northwest Ohio.


At CIFT, we understand that effective communication, collaboration, and productivity are vital for success in the workplace. That’s why we offer EVERYTHING DiSC® self-assessment workshops to help your team unlock their full potential. Our facilitated 3-hour workshop dives deep into behavioral styles, allowing team members to understand themselves and their coworkers better.

What we offer:

Comprehensive Workplace Assessment & Workshop
EVERYTHING DiSC Workplace Report
Understanding & Appreciating 4 Unique Behavior Styles
Engagement Strategies
EVERYTHING DiSC Workplace Interaction Guide Tool

Online Training for Your Shop Floor Employees

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, continuous training is key to maintaining a positive workplace culture and driving productivity. CIFT has partnered with Tooling U-SME to offer customizable virtual training solutions designed to meet the unique needs of manufacturers. Our program ensures seamless coordination, tailored training modules, flexible learning options, efficient tracking, and access to a vast course catalog, including cutting-edge virtual reality modules. In many cases, this program can be used in conjunction with Ohio TechCred. Reach out to us for more information.

What makes this unique:

CIFT's Expert Guidance & Coordination
Tailored Training to Specific Needs
Flexible & Accessible Learning
Efficient Tracking & Management
Vast Course Catalog & Innovative Course Offerings

Online Course Descriptions:

Internship Support

Looking to hire motivated students eager to gain real-world experience? Through our partnership with the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), we can offer financial assistance to manufacturers hiring local high school and career technical students as interns. This program not only helps fulfill your workforce needs but also provides students with valuable hands-on experience. The calendar for this program changes throughout the year so please reach out to our team to learn more.

Opportunity highlights:

Financial Assistance for Internship Program
Support for Workforce Needs
Valuable Experience for Students

VR Training Options Enhance Training with Cutting-Edge Virtual Reality

At CIFT, we’re committed to providing innovative training solutions to meet the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry. Our VR training options, including platforms like Transfr and Matterport, supplement hands-on training, offering immersive experiences that boost engagement and retention. Whether for demos, school events, or immersive learning, we harness the power of VR to elevate your training programs.

What we are:

Hands-On Training Supplements
VR Demos & School Events
Cutting-Edge Platforms like Transfr & Matterport
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