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The Northwest Ohio
Cooperative Kitchen (NOCK) & fOOD ENTREPRENEEURS

Supporting food entrepreneurs in creating profitable and sustainable businesses for over 25 years.


The Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen (The NOCK) is a 3rd party GMP audited 24/7 shared kitchen facility that is conveniently located in Bowling Green, OH

Small Business Solutions

Our team of experts can connect you with a wide range of technical solutions to help you overcome your business challenges. Our team has helped hundreds of companies start and grow their business.

eCommerce Assistance

It is critical for a small food business to have as many opportunities to market and sell their product as possible. In today’s market that means having a digital presence. Our team can help guide you through best practices and get your digital storefront up and running.

Product Packaging & Barcode Assistance

Having the correct label is fundamental for any successful food product. It needs to meet certain standards to even make it onto store shelves, as well as often being the first introduction of your product to your customer. It also needs to be affordable to keep your product in the red.

Other Resources.

Having worked with entrepreneurs for 25 years we have a deep understanding of what is needed to launch and grow a successful food business. We have experts and a network that can help in all facets of business enhancement.

Food Entrepreneur

Small Business Solutions

As an entrepreneur/small business owner, you may face a lot of challenges when producing and selling your products. Getting all the answers you need can be overwhelming. That is why we offer services that will help you take the next step in your small business. Our team of experts can help and connect you with technical capabilities, including:

  • E-Commerce Assistance 
  • Product Packaging & Barcode Assistance (Label Design & Print Review )
  • Label Printing Services 
  • Recipe Scale Up 
  • Food Supplier Connect 
  • Nutritional Fact Label Creation


Food Entrepreneur & Small Business

eCommerce Assistance

Having an optimized eCommerce presence can build brand awareness and even streamline your order fulfillment. However, finding the time and correct tools to do so for a busy entrepreneur can be a challenge. Our team has the experience to find the right tools for you as well as to get you set up for success. Whether it is using platforms such as Square, Shopify, or something else, we can help you build your online brand and scale your business.

Food Entrepreneur & Small Business

Product Packaging &
Barcode Assistance

Getting the label you need for your product requires meeting multiple challenges and our team has the resources and expertise to meet all of them. We can help you design your label, make it scannable, print it in the volume that makes sense to your needs, and even do the nutritional analysis if you require it. As we help you grow your business, we have the network and resources that will help you scale your label needs while controlling costs.

Our Resources

We have spent over 25 years helping food processors and building a network of service providers to address every level of food production. Our network has a proven track record of delivering the solutions and innovation to help food companies grow.

Our team can help guide you to the correct type of service you need as well as help you manage the project to completion. The CIFT network can help with large scale automation, environmental monitoring/food safety and many other multi-service projects. We can help save you the time and resources it takes to get those complex initiatives started and implemented.

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