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Process Engineering


Process Engineering

What is Process Engineering
and how can it help?

We understand the challenges food companies face when it comes to optimizing their manufacturing operations and ensuring compliance with food safety regulations. Additionally, food manufacturers must navigate complex regulations and best practices to create a food-safe environment. Additionally, food manufacturers must navigate complex regulations and best practices to create a food-safe environment. Our team can assist with facility design and many other comprehensive solutions to these challenges, handling everything from design documentation development to contractor management and production startup. Furthermore, production operations are the lifeblood of any food company, and efficient processes are essential for driving revenue.

CIFT’s process design services can help food manufacturers streamline workflows, implement ERP systems for inventory management, and leverage modern sensor technology for data acquisition. We have decades of experience overcoming these challenges and unlocking opportunities for growth and success in the competitive food industry.

Facility Design and Commissioning

When it comes to preparing a facility for food production, careful planning and execution are essential. Our turnkey facility design and commissioning services cover everything, from layout optimization to ensuring food safety compliance. From setting up operations in a new building to renovating an existing space, we can handle the entire process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – producing high-quality food products and saving you precious time and other resources.

Process Design

Efficient production operations are the foundation of all successful food manufacturers. Our process design services help you streamline your workflows, improve efficiency, and maximize productivity. From optimizing equipment layout to implementing ERP systems for inventory management and traceability, our experience enhances your manufacturing processes and helps drive your bottom line.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of any smart manufacturing system, rapid and accurate data collection is crucial. Historically in food and beverage manufacturing, there has been a tradeoff between rapidity and accuracy. However, modern sensor tech allows for significantly improved performance and reduced footprint, which can go a long way in supporting facility-wide automation initiatives.

Data Acquisition
System Design

In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, rapid and accurate data collection is essential for informed decision-making. Our data acquisition system design services allow you to harness the power of smart manufacturing technologies. We work with your team to identify data collection needs, select the appropriate hardware, and integrate sensors seamlessly into your operations, getting you to enhanced automation and efficiency.

Production Capacity Modeling

Understanding your production capacity is key to optimizing scheduling and optimizing output. Our production capacity modeling utilize advanced mathematical modeling techniques that provide accurate capacity estimates and utilization rates. We can help you gain insights into your production capabilities and make informed decisions to drive growth and profitability.

As an Ohio MEP partner, we’re committed to helping food processors thrive in a competitive industry landscape. With our comprehensive process engineering services, you can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and achieve your business objectives. Let us be your partner in success.

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