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From Challenges to Cohesion: The DiSC Advantage for Napoleon Machine

Napolean Machine

In the highly competitive world of manufacturing, effective communication and teamwork are vital. DiSC assessments are a tool that help categorize personality traits into Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S), and Conscientiousness (C). These insights help manufacturers improve collaboration and leadership by understanding individual and team behaviors. DiSC assessments enhance communication, boost productivity, and foster a harmonious work environment, driving overall success and innovation in the industry.

Our team understands the value that provides and has created a partnership and program to help Northwest manufacturers utilize this tool to address their unique needs.

Napoleon Machine is a leading provider of manufacturing services, including customizable metal fabricating, precision machining, painting, and light assembly. Serving a wide scope of clientele from the aerospace, agricultural, and automotive industries, the company has invested over six million dollars in the latest welding and machining technology over the past decade. As a family-owned and operated business, Napoleon Machine benefits from the leadership of two generations at the helm, driving their commitment to progressive manufacturing technology.

Napoleon Machine, like many in the manufacturing space, faced significant challenges with employee communication and retention. The company needed to understand how employees respond to challenges, influence one another, and adhere to rules and procedures. By gaining this understanding, Napoleon Machine hoped to improve internal communication, boost productivity, and optimize overall performance.

To help Napoleon Machine, we worked with our partners Contract Training Edge LLC,  to implement an Everything DiSC development tool for their employees. This program helped to facilitate behavioral analysis transformations and enhance performance through a highly specialized four-step process. The DiSC program was designed to improve communication effectiveness among the staff, creating more productive interactions and outcomes across the organization.

The DiSC program assessment was able to provide valuable insights and support for Napoleon Machine supervisors in their self-development. The program helped participants understand their behavior styles within the DiSC quadrant and recognize the styles of their colleagues. This understanding allowed different styles to work together more effectively, fostering better teamwork and performance. Enhanced communication led to improved collaboration and increased productivity, creating a more cohesive and efficient culture.

At CIFT, our mission is to help Northwest Ohio manufacturers grow and remain competitive in an ever-evolving market. Our work with Napoleon Machine showcases was successful because of our shared commitment to providing tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each company. By helping to launch  DiSC programs, we hope to deliver better communication, enhance teamwork, and boost overall performance. We believe in the power of collaborative solutions and are dedicated to partnering with other manufactures to help them achieve similar success. Together, we can create a thriving manufacturing sector built on innovation, cooperation, and continuous improvement.