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NOCK Brings the Heat to Hot Sauce Company


When mass production is key, but machinery investment is limited, NOCK brings the heat.

Angry Irishman has been crafting award-winning hot sauces since 1996. They originated in Southwest Florida and today they travel all over the United States promoting their brand at hot sauce expositions and competitions. They have taken their hot sauces to the next level by not only bottling the sauces, but growing most of their own peppers.

Due to growing demand, Angry Irishman identified a need for a licensed facility that had the capability of mass producing. Along with mass producing, they also wanted to increase their output of product and co-pack for other companies. So, Angry Irishman contacted CIFT for support.

CIFT provided Angry Irishman with access to the necessary certified equipment through the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen (NOCK). NOCK  dramatically increased production from 1 product to 10 varieties and eliminated the need for Angry Irishman to invest in new, costly machinery. The two companies are currently working together to upgrade an existing Angry Irishman building to further increase production and co-pack for other companies.

“CIFT’s involvement has been imperative in allowing us to produce and package our products. The savings from using the NOCK for our food business has saved us by not only hundreds of thousands of dollars for building and equipment, but also invaluable knowledge from the staff.”

Since partnering with CIFT, Angry Irishman has increased/retained sales by more than $26,000 as well as new investments exceeding $20,000. Angry Irishman has also saved more than $350,000 by avoiding unnecessary investments and two new jobs have been created.

Angry Irishman has been shipped throughout the United States, Canada and even Australia through online shipping. It can be purchased at Frobose Meat Locker, Churchill’s and Kazmaiers, just to name a few.

View a full list of processors that NOCK brings the heat to.

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