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22 Aug: Serving Success Together: How the NOCK Can Elevate Food Service Companies

As a food service professional, whether that’s a Chef, Restaurant Owner, or even a Retail Manager, you are faced with many challenges such as labor shortages, limited space in the kitchen, product consistency, etc. With the free limited time, you don’t always have the opportunity to find the solutions you are looking for by yourself. 

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06 Dec: What Is Cottage Food Production Operation?

Have you ever had the greatest food idea and wondered if you could produce and sell it from your own home? Well it may not be that easy. According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, a person who operates and produces from their home can have a Cottage Food Production Operation which allows them to sell items, but there are restrictions and specific requirements that must be met. Here’s what you need to know about Cottage Food Production Operation and if it is a fit for you.