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Taco-bout a Saucy Success Story

Taco-bout a saucy success story

The Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen (NOCK) was created to be a place for food entrepreneurs to expand their businesses through access to an affordable, commercially licensed kitchen. Anthony Brabaker from Cocina Al Sol is one of those entrepreneurs that have taken advantage of the facility. He has been producing an authentic, fresh, Southwest Style Tex-Mex flavored taco sauce at the NOCK since 2018. However, Anthony’s history with CIFT started back in 2013 after he won the 2013 Ohio Product Development Contest with his signature barbeque sauce. After the contest, Anthony’s product was selected to participate in a CIFT focus group. That focus group is what redirected his path from barbeque sauce to taco sauce. 

By using the NOCK facility, Anthony avoided spending $750,000 in building his own licensed kitchen. In return, he was able to spend more time on his brand and sales. Over the past three years, Anthony has gotten many opportunities from multiple stores requesting his product. Recently, he started selling his taco sauce at select Meijer locations in Northwest Ohio.

“Without the help from CIFT, I wouldn’t be in an economical position to achieve a business. From my first BBQ sauce to my taco sauce, CIFT was there when I needed them. CIFT gave me the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs at the NOCK which allowed me to make successful business decisions.”  – Anthony Brabaker

We are proud and honored to be able to work with Anthony and help assist him with his business. If you are interested in learning more about our licensed kitchen and how we can help your business or want to learn more about the NOCK, please feel free to contact our Small Business Development Specialist, Kareem Hammuda.

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