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3D Printing Food Materials, Part 3

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Make sure to read Part 2: Substrate Characterization and Viscosity Studies to completely understand our full-service journey with BeeHex.

Part 3: custom nutrition bar development

Because of BeeHex’s machine’s multi-head extrusion technology, BeeHex was selected as a recipient of financial support to develop a manufacturing system for on-demand specialized nutrition meal replacement bars based on the individual needs of the consumer. BeeHex was prepared to design a manufacturing line that integrates their machines to create these bars, but they required our assistance to design the substrates that would make up the product.

Designing these substrates came with many unusual constraints. Including typical considerations such as safety and sensory, these substrates had to meet the viscosity and density parameters required for use in the BeeHex machine. The printing and unique materials for creating the bar provided exceptional convenience and critical nutrition for each consumer in a variety of unique situations (i.e. military service, singular events, etc.). We designed truly one-of-a-kind materials for a one-of-a-kind application, which is the mission of our product development program for every client.


Our work with BeeHex resulted in a custom nutrition bar development, but this project is an excellent example of our mission to drive new technology development and commercialization in the food processing industry, and we did so utilizing all three of our food industry programs, food safety, process engineering, and product development. We are the experts to bring the right team and the right technology to your operations, to propel them into the future.

Total Metrics:
Increased/Retained Sales: $1,250,000
Cost Savings: $300,000
Increased/Retained Jobs: 10

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