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Automation Brings Increased Productivity

Designetics 2 (600 × 135 px)

Designetics, located in Holland, Ohio, employs 45 and designs and manufactures patented flow application systems to meet a wide range of specifications for applying primers, adhesives, sealants and other materials with varying viscosity characteristics to just about any type of surface. The company’s Flow Application Systems are closed, thus providing a high degree of environmental protection and chemical control, virtually eliminating noxious fumes. Designetics was founded over thirty years ago, and continues to solve complex fluid application challenges. Since then, the company has been a leading global provider of manual and automated dispensing equipment and systems for a diverse range of industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, medical device, and industrial automation.

CIFT an Ohio MEP worked with Designetics’ leadership including CEO Sydney Spraw to increase the output at their Holland facility, thereby improving the employee work environment from a labor intensive environment to a more automated one, while increasing productivity. Their current process was manual and labor intensive. CIFT’s guidance for enhancement would directly affect both output and employee morale.

CIFT introduced Projects Design & Built (PD&B) to Designetics’ to address their need for automation by retrofitting and upgrading current machines, and then provide installation and startup of the new control system at Designetics. The new setup will essentially eliminate the labor of an operator for these processes. The manpower can be used elsewhere within the facility, thus providing significant labor savings. Projects Designed & Built, Inc. (PD&B) offers custom engineering solutions to clients like Designetics.


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