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The power of collaboration and network: Creating an Air Quality Safety Program with Standard Technologies

Standard Technologies

We were approached by Standard Technologies, a century-old industry leader in Fremont, Ohio, renowned for manufacturing aftermarket and OEM fuel tanks and fuel system components.

Standard Technologies’ legacy spans back to 1916, and their commitment to quality and innovation is unquestioned. With a dedicated team of engineers and approximately 100 skilled employees, the company continually pushes the boundaries of excellence.

Standard was having issues with air quality. Specifically a welding area at the Fremont facility, where it had become a concern. Recognizing the critical importance of addressing this issue for both safety and efficiency reasons, Standard Technologies contacted us for a solution.

We take pride in our ability to work directly with manufacturers as well as being able to bring in other service providers to help solve problems. We knew that the key to success and solving this issue lay in collaboration and specialized expertise. To address the air quality challenge, we went to our vetted network and connected Standard Technologies with Hastings, Air Control Energy Inc. Hastings is renowned for its expertise in air ventilation and cleaning solutions, with a track record of optimizing air-to-cloth ratios and energy management.

Partnering together we created a new “Air Quality Safety Program.” This comprehensive program included a range of vital components:

  • Start-Up: We ensured a transition to the new system.
  • Control Commissioning and Owner Training: Empowering Standard Technologies to take charge of their air quality system.
  • Adjusting Regulators: Fine-tuning for performance.
  • Ethernet Installation: Implementing advanced connectivity solutions.
  • Setting Air Patterns (One-Time): Optimizing air distribution 
  • Training for Up to 10 Operators: Equipping the workforce with the skills they needed.
  • Mechanical Installation: Ensuring the physical components of the system were properly integrated.

The impact of our collaborative effort was quantifiable and transformative. Beyond the reported $300,000 in savings related to plant equipment, the enhanced air quality in the welding area created a safer and more productive work environment for Standard Technologies’ employees.

Today, Standard Technologies continues to thrive as an industry leader, embracing innovation and sustainability as part of its ongoing mission. We look forward to future collaboration together to solve problems and drive manufacturing forward in Northwest Ohio. 

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