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3D Printing Food Materials, Part 2

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Make sure to read Part 1: Sanitary Design and CIP to completely understand our full-service journey with BeeHex.

Part 2: Substrate Characterization and Viscosity Studies

Because BeeHex 3D printers function pneumatically (i.e. they use air pressure to extrude substrate), differences in the rheological properties of substrates significantly affects the operating parameters required to extrude them effectively. In order to improve the usability of their machines, BeeHex was interested in quantifying the rheological behaviors of the most popular substrates used by their customers, and incorporating that data into their machine set-up algorithm, allowing for more accurate and precise material depositions.

BeeHex utilized our product development and engineering teams to design and execute a rheological study, generating rheograms, calculating thixotropic ratios, and finding correlations and relationships between rheological properties and material composition, for over a dozen different substrates. This data was used by BeeHex engineers to improve the accuracy of their algorithms, providing better quality machine performance to BeeHex customers.

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