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Our organization has spent over a quarter of a century helping food processing companies of all sizes innovate, grow,  along with helping them achieve the highest levels of safety. As a non profit our core mission is to help food processors overcome challenges through partnership and innovation.

We offer direct services, a deep network of vetted service providers,  and a partnership with the Ohio MEP, which gives us the ability to help you in all facets of your food production.

Our Services

Processing Engineering

Sometimes even the most successful food processing companies hit a plateau in growth. Scaling up production presents many unique challenges. An optimal engineering solution isn't easy to find or implement. And can can cost prohibitive.

This is where our team can help. We can provide an assessment, free of charge, of your entire operations to determine how and where new processes can be implemented to help your business grow. This includes recommending vendors, integrators, and providing ROI estimates.

Product Development

In today’s competitive environment, more and more food processing companies are realizing the difficulties in maintaining in-house expertise in all functional areas, including product development.

Our focus is building prototypes that are scalable to help you drive to meet your business objectives.

We have worked successfully with hundreds of food processors, equipment suppliers, university researchers, and governmental agencies on a variety of technology, innovation and product development projects.

Food Safety

Food Safety is the foundation of success for any food processing company.

And having a  properly planned, executed and maintained sanitation program is vital to the success of any operation. This is an area where our team can help you directly.

Our team understands the necessity of developing a unique plan for each individual business.  And with our deep network we can help you with all aspects of your safety plan.

Reach out and get a free safety assessment for your business today to see how we can save you both money and time. 

Our Resources

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We have spent over 25 years helping food processors and building a network of service providers to address every level of food production. Our network has a proven track record of delivering the solutions and innovation  to help food companies grow.

Our team can help guide you to the correct type of service you need as well as help you manage the project to completion. The CIFT network can help large scale automation, environmental monitoring/food safety and many other multi-service projects.  We can help save you the time and resources it takes to get those complex initiatives started and implemented.