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Driving Excellence: JTM’s Journey to Enhanced Food Safety

JTM Food Group

At CIFT, we are proud to partner with industry leaders who are committed to quality and value.  Our Consortium Member, JTM, is a multi-million-dollar food processing company with a long history that traces its roots back to 1960 when it was originally known as Maas Brothers Butcher Shop. In 1980, it became JTM Food Group. Today,  JTM continues to stand on their principles of delivering quality and value to its customers.

A Cincinnati area-based food company, JTM is known for their leadership and unwavering commitment to customer service, quality, and innovation.

They focus on serving thousands of schools, restaurants, military and government organizations, as well as food distributors and retailers nationwide and abroad as well as supporting the local communities they serve.

Our project began with JTM facing two pressing challenges. The first was a higher-than-optimal employee turnover rate. At the same time, the overall industry was grappling with an increase in recalls caused by foreign materials being found in certain food items. JTM, as a forward-thinking organization, recognized the need for improvement and conducted a self-evaluation.

They realized the solution lay in supplementing their existing food safety and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training. By expanding their employees’ understanding of the “whys” behind these policies, JTM could empower their workforce to proactively contribute to product safety enhancements and while building a more positive culture. They reached out to CIFT. 

Our CIFT team stepped in to provide comprehensive food safety training to the JTM employees. Our approach focused on explaining clearly the rationale behind GMP programs and policies, helping the employees to grasp the significance of these measures. The training also encompassed a microbiological overview of pathogens of concern and strategies to mitigate the risk of product contamination. Additionally, we shared best practices for controlling foreign material and incorporated relevant case studies for practical insights.

The result of this collaboration was a workforce that understood the value of this approach and was able to implement it with results that quickly paid dividends.

  • 60 Jobs Created/Retained – Through improved food safety measures and understanding, JTM optimized its commitment to quality and safety, retaining existing jobs as well as creating new opportunities.

JTM’s commitment to excellence in food production, along with our experience and dedication to training, allowed us to address these industry challenges head-on. Working together, we strengthened their workforce with the knowledge and expertise to maintain the highest standards in food safety.

Today, JTM continues to serve millions of students and extends its reach to healthcare and military markets. They continue to meet the evolving needs of co-manufacturers and retailers seeking streamlined meal alternatives.

We look forward to ongoing collaboration with JTM as they lead the way in the food industry, delivering excellence and value to their customers.

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