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Area 419: Utilizing Resources and Collaboration to Unlock Solutions for NW Ohio Manufacturers

Area 419

Area 419‘s story is one of a local store acquisition in 2010 growing into a global leader in precision firearm accessories through innovation and determination. They have a dedicated team and a commitment to quality and have transformed what was once a backyard hobby into now a thriving enterprise, earning a reputation for excellence around the world with brand recognition.

Area 419 faced multiple challenges, including the need to automate certain processes to increase competitiveness, labor costs with simultaneous labor shortages, ergonomic concerns, and optimizing spindle utilization to increase productivity. 

Faced with a host of issues, and searching for solutions Area 419 connected with CIFT. Our team can provide solutions for manufacturers, but beyond that, as the northwest Ohio MEP partner, has a vetted network of resources and the ability to help project manage multifaceted projects.  

Working with Area 419 and understanding their unique situation and issues, we connected with MetalCrafta robotics provider, and helped conduct a comprehensive assessment of operations. They were able to identify multiple and optimal opportunities to implement automation solutions, enhancing efficiency and productivity. We were able to help facilitate as the project manager helping smooth integration and saving Area 419 the time and resources to oversea every step fp the project themselves,  

This collaboration resulted in measurable positive outcomes for our partners at Area 419:, 

  • $750,000 in savings
  • $400,000 increase in investments
  • $250,000 rise in sales

Area 419’s success story is an example of our mission and how we measure success at CIFT. We believe in the transformative potential of collaboration driving innovation and competition for manufacturing. We are proud of our work and proud of partners like Area 419 who showcase the world-class level of manufacturing that Northwest Ohio delivers and represents. 

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