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What Industrial Revolution Are You In?


Are You Stuck In The Past?

The manufacturing industry has seen an immense amount of change throughout history. Technology has changed how we build products and how we work as a whole. There have been four industrial revolutions that have kept companies across the globe competitive and innovative. The transition into each revolution might come naturally for many, but not for all. However, transforming into new technology and practices is critical for continued success and relevance. Let’s take a look at how far the manufacturing industry has come. What industrial revolution are you in?

1st Industrial Revolution

Mid-1700s to 1830
Agricultural societies became more industrialized and urban. Water and steam power make mechanical production facilities possible. Society was forever changed by the spinning jenny, water wheel, steam engine, cotton gin, concrete, steam locomotive, modern roads and batteries.

2nd Industrial Revolution

Mid-1800s to mid-1900s
Also known as the Technological Revolution, mass production and standardization sparked with the help of the assembly line and electrical energy. Steel production advanced drastically which expanded the railroad system and more industrial machines were built. Some of the top inventions were plastics, lightbulb, telephone, automobile, typewriter and assembly-line manufacturing.

3rd Industrial Revolution

1960s to 2000s
Also known as the Digital Revolution, automation was enhanced through IT and electronic systems. Renewable energy is a key focus for companies. The internet changed the world forever as the term Internet of Things was established. Some of the top inventions were computer programming, machine automation, internet, nuclear energy and robotics.

4th Industrial Revolution

We are living in it, but are you practicing it? Also known as Industry 4.0, manufacturing is rapidly changing through the world of robotics, AI, smart and digital manufacturing, cloud computing and predictive programming. The need to be as efficient as possible is critical to production, which is made possible through lean principles. Cybersecurity is vital as everything is digital. 3D printing has brought ideas to life that were once thought as impossible. Every machine or device is connected and gives real-time data that allows for data-based decision making. According to the Manufacturing Data Summit, the number of connected devices per person is more than 1 for the first time in history, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has become mainstream and internet assistants now greet you in your home.

So which revolution is your company living in?

Unfortunately, many manufacturers are stuck in the past which will be costly as time goes on and prices of products and services increase. It’s time to embrace the future and start making the necessary changes to get to Industry 4.0. Good news is, progress can happen gradually and we have a team of Industrial Revolution, Industry 4.0 experts that will be with you each step of the way. Take that first step by contacting our manufacturing team for a no-strings-attached assessment.

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