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Collaborating for Cybersecurity Preparedness with Spangler Candy Company

Spangler Candy

Spangler Candy Company, a family-owned business founded in 1906, is an industry leader in confectionery production. Famous for its iconic treats like Dum-Dums® lollipops and Sweethearts®, Spangler has grown over the years, creating a legacy of excellence and innovation. Spangler employs around 600 dedicated individuals all working together to create a culture of commitment to quality and community.

In today’s increasingly digital landscape, cybersecurity issues present challenges for businesses of all sizes. Recognizing the importance of being proactive and creating defense measures, Spangler Candy Company wanted to develop its cybersecurity preparedness and develop a robust response plan. It was important to Spangler that it safeguard its operations and customer data against potential cyberattacks, including the seemingly increasing malware outbreaks and ransomware incidents happening every day in the news. 

Working with CIFT and utilizing our resources as an MEP partner network, we brought in CentraComm to help coordinate. Together we were able to work and collaborate to begin putting together an incident management plan. During the planning phase, the project team was chartered, and roles were assigned, aligning with Spangler’s needs and scope. 

Throughout the process, all necessary information for policy creation was thoroughly reviewed and updated.  Tabletop exercises were held to help enhance preparedness. Finally, with the closure phase, all project deliverables were completed and reviewed, to ensure Spangler was comfortable and satisfied with the plan. And the benefits were measurable: 

Outcomes Achieved:

  • Creation and retention of 550 jobs
  • $11,000 in cost savings
  • $22,000 invested in new processes and IT infrastructure
  • Strengthened cybersecurity posture
  • Enhanced resilience against cyber threats
  • Improved operational efficiency and risk mitigation

Successful Cybersecurity initiatives are driven by being proactive and collaborating with partners who understand the needs of each unique client. Spangler Candy Company and CIFT were successful because they met this criterion. We look forward to continuing this culture of collaboration and innovation with Spangler and the other companies we get to partner driving success in food and manufacturing. 

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