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Mitigating risk and driving innovation through a collaborative approach. 


CIFT is dedicated to partnerships that drive innovation and solve challenges for food processors. We continue this mission with our Consortium Member Sandridge Crafted Foods, a distinguished leader in fresh food manufacturing for over six decades, who exemplifies this commitment. Sandridge’s pursuit of cutting-edge processes and flavor trends has solidified its reputation in the food industry.

For Sandridge Crafted Foods, the possibility of any type of recall due to mislabeled products was a potential threat with substantial economic implications. While not imminent, the prospect of such an event was significant enough to warrant proactive measures. To do so, Sandridge wanted to find a system solution that could result in lowered risk. 

Sandridge Crafted Foods and CIFT put together a team of subject matter experts to create a vision system capable of automating the inspection of packaging components, ensuring that the correct packaging matched each product precisely. 

The impact of our collaboration included cost savings, as well as other positive outcomes:

  • Plant Equipment Savings: $2,000,000 – Beyond helping to prevent costly recalls, the vision inspection system resulted in substantial equipment savings.
  • New Products/Processes: $750,000 – Sandridge Crafted Foods embraced innovation, exploring new products and processes 
  • Workforce Practices: $500,000 – The implementation of the vision inspection system improved workforce practices and operational efficiency.
  • Increased/Retained Sales: $200,000 – By ensuring the integrity of their products, Sandridge Crafted Foods secured or expanded their sales.

“The CIFT team has always been great partners when project direction or a sounding board is needed.” -Jordan Sandridge, President of Sandridge Crafted Foods”

This type of partnership and project underscores the significance of collaboration, innovative solutions, and forward-thinking approaches that out Membership consortium creates.

Sandridge Crafted Foods’ commitment to quality and reliability, combined with our dedication to problem-solving, resulted in a transformative outcome.

Sandridge Crafted Foods continues to excel as a leader in the food industry. Their reputation for excellence and relevance thrives, and they remain steadfast in embracing innovation and sustainability. We look forward to future collaborations with Sandridge Crafted Foods as we collectively address challenges and propel the food manufacturing industry forward.

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