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A Recipe for Success and Innovation: Gold Star Chili and CIFT’s Partnership

Gold Star Success Story

At CIFT, the goal of collaboration with our members is to drive innovation and elevate culinary excellence in food products. Our member, Gold Star Chili stands out as a leader in the food space, rooted in a legacy dating back to 1964 when the Daoud brothers embarked on their flavorful venture.

Gold Star Chili, under the umbrella of GSR Brands, boasts a rich heritage, crafted with passion and a secret recipe that has tantalized taste buds for generations. The Daoud brothers’ dedication birthed Gold Star Chili, a name synonymous with quality, authenticity, and the finest hand-blended spices sourced from 13 countries.

Gold Star Chili faced a challenge – a need for enhanced production processes, innovative research and development, scaling up operations, and ensuring top-notch quality assurance across their diverse range of retail and restaurant products. 

Our CIFT team often serves as a partner with members to bring a blend of expertise and hands-on support, in this case providing Gold Star Chili with comprehensive services and consulting for success across a wide range of challenges:

  • Formulation: We helped review, adjust, and then offered expert recommendations on formulations, ensuring each ingredient was harmonized correctly.
  • Food science and product development assistance: Our food science and product development experts collaborated closely with Gold Star Chili, lending insights during meetings with co-manufacturers, and offering creative and innovative guidance for work with co-manufacturers. 
  • On-Site Technical Assistance: Our team offered on-site technical assistance, addressing supply chain challenges, overseeing product enhancements, and supporting plant trials with precision.
  • Product Approval: Our team helped ensure GSR met the highest standards, helping guarantee Gold Star Chili’s brand of exceptional taste.

Measuring the Success: Our collaboration yielded substantial returns:

  • Investment Savings: $500,000, 
  • Retained Sales: $400,000 
  • Innovation Benefits: $30,000
  • Team Strengthened: 4 employees retained

We continue to collaborate with our members Gold Star, and you can find their products and restaurants infused with innovation and authenticity throughout the region. We take pride that our partnership played a role as a catalyst, helping enhance flavor and quality, and helping to ensure Gold Star Chili’s leadership role in the food space.