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#essential – the untold story of the Ohio food industry and the pandemic


New short film, #essential, explores the story of food production in Ohio during the pandemic

The pandemic that began in March 2020 disrupted every aspect of our live. Our first responders and medical workers deservedly have been recognized for all of their work to help get us back through.

But one aspect of the pandemic rarely gets discussed: Food production couldn’t shut down. People still needed to eat. And the way people needed to get their food had changed almost instantly.

Because of our work at CIFT, we had a front row seat to the choices and challenges the people who keep us fed had to face and make. What we witnessed amazed us and filled us with pride for our industry.

This is a story that needs to be told. And because of our unique position serving the state of Ohio, we decided to create a documentary short to give the public a glimpse behind their grocery shelves and take-out packages.

Online Premiere Details

We have finished the film and are excited to announce the online premiere of #essential – the untold story of the Ohio food industry and the pandemic. The premiere will be on August 26th at 2pm via our Facebook and YouTube channels.

The premiere will be followed by an online Q&A with our team as well as participants from the film. If you are interested in participating in the Q&A, please contact Todd Underwood at for more information. Registration is limited for that portion, so please register early.

To join live, learn more at our website.

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