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Automation Brings Greater Output and Improved Work Environment

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Vanamatic Company is a global supplier of precision machined components to the aerospace, automotive, and fluid power and general fittings industries, and has been family owned and operated since 1954. Located in Delphos, Ohio, the state of the art facility provides its 80 employees with a climate controlled, safe, and clean, work environment.

CIFT an Ohio MEP, first connected with Vanamatic leadership Adam Wiltsie (CEO and Director of Operations) who wanted to increase the output at their Delphos facility, thereby improving the employee work environment from a labor intensive environment to a more automated one. Their current process was manual and labor intensive. This enhancement would directly affect both output and employee morale.

CIFT’s proposed new setup would bring the entire process at the facility to full automation. This step would free up the current operator to work on other tasks within the facility. CIFT Introduced Superior Equipment Solutions (SES), a full-service engineering company that supports machine builds, both new and used, was brought in to accomplish this goal. SES retrofitted and automated two existing Vanamatic machines, then reinstalled them, resulting in full automation. The quality and quantity improvement of the operation was substantial for the output. The upshot of the project was reduced time to market, improved margins, and enhancement of client retention, while reducing risk. The resulting elimination of labor associated with the process enabled the company to use that manpower elsewhere to shave costs. The range in labor savings was 40%-50%.

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