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Food Trucks 101: How to Get Started

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Food trucks are a growing industry with a lot of food entrepreneurs interested in bringing their creations to the mobile units. Recently, we hosted a webinar titled Food Trucks 101: How to Get Started where we talked to local experts from the Lucas County Health Department and Baba’s Eats Food Truck. The topics ranged from how to gain necessary licenses to the do’s and don’ts. From the webinar, there were 5 key takeaways the experts shared that will help you begin on your food truck journey.

Focus on the menu

All the experts agreed that your menu should be your solid foundation. Menu items should be staple products that you are most confident with. Remember to always stay focused on your menu when buying equipment for your food truck and any future decisions. It should act as a guide for any financial decisions.

food safety classes

You should consider taking food safety classes. The food regulators that participated in the webinar mentioned it’s always a good idea to take ServSafe courses along with any other food safety classes. The classes will help you understand how to maintain and handle food.

You’re not alone

As a new food truck owner, it can be hard to find resources available to you. You can contact CIFT to learn more about this new journey or you can connect with other local food truck owners that can help you find what you are looking for.


Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter which Ohio county you get your license from, you will still need to undergo an inspection for each city you plan on selling in. Each city will have its own set of regulations and fees. The best thing you can do is map out where you are planning to sell your food and research when those inspection days are.

Prep in a kitchen

If you need more space than a truck or trailer to prep in, consider using the Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen (NOCK). The NOCK offers storage to allow you to keep all your dry goods and ingredients in a safe location. You are also able to plug your truck or trailer in when operating at the NOCK.

Local Food Truck Resources

Our small business team has been supporting food entrepreneurs in creating profitable and sustainable businesses for over 25 years. Through our small business assistance program, our experts can help and connect you with a wide range of technical capabilities. The Lucas County Health Department has also provided the following resources:

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