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Ag Business Forum – October 19th, 2023 – In-Person and Virtual

October 2023

October 19th, 2023 - 8:30 - 9:30 AM

“Ohio’s Restaurants are Increasingly the Cornerstones of our State’s Communities. What are the Critical Issues Facing Ohio’s Hospitality Businesses and the Foodservice Supply Chain in the Buckeye State?”

Join us virtually or in person


Tod Bowen – Managing Director of External Affairs and Government Relations at Ohio Restaurant Association

As the Ohio Restaurant Association’s Managing Director of External Affairs and Government Relations, Tod leads the external affairs and government relations teams at the Ohio Restaurant Association, which represents the third-largest private sector employer in our state with 23,676 locations, more than 585,000 employees and $28.0 billion in total sales in our Buckeye state.

Ohio restaurants showcase a blend of successful new concepts, iconic establishments, wonderful brands and a support network all over the state. The industry does a great job of meeting consumer needs with delicious food, exceptional service and forward-looking innovation. The ORA positively represents restaurants and the hospitality industry by promoting them throughout Ohio and on a national basis, while working to protect food-service businesses and jobs with effective advocacy.

Prior to joining the ORA, Tod was a long-time Ohio political consultant and campaign fundraiser, successfully serving clients at every level of government service and throughout the state. Tod’s knowledge, professionalism, commitment and calm demeanor were valued by those campaigns and public officials he served in the over 25 years he worked in Ohio politics and government service.

When Tod talks about his work to promote and protect Ohio’s hospitality businesses he says, “I am excited to be a part Ohio’s dynamic foodservice and hospitality industry where so many people begin their careers, learn valuable life lessons and become part of the high energy food service business. A strong hospitality industry is essential to a robust Ohio economy and to thriving communities that attract workers and families to our state.”



This is a event is free to attend, but registration is required to attend virtually or in person.