Since 1995, CIFT has provided a unique blend of business solutions, innovation and technical expertise to the food processing, agricultural and manufacturing sectors.  These services are designed to enhance the economic performance of the industries and create new jobs.

CIFT has worked with hundreds of food companies, equipment suppliers, service providers, university researchers, governmental agencies, legislators, general manufacturers and many more.  As a result, many new technologies have emerged, industry best practices have been established, and novel business approaches have been discovered.  Through an industry-driven methodology, businesses have benefited throughout Ohio and beyond.


Driving competitiveness for our customers through a unique blend of business solutions, innovation and technical expertise.



Programs and delivery mechanisms will be selected and developed on the basis of their relevance to the industry.


Areas of focus and specific models for delivering service will be selected to maximize value to the industry.


In recognition of the fact that changes occur rapidly in our target industries, CIFT will always strive to maintain the ability to recognize and adapt to change.


Will undertake only those initiatives for which a clear cut method for measuring results and impacts can be developed.


Constantly strive to create programs, delivery models, outreach efforts, and projects that make the most efficient use of the financial resources that are provided by its customers, clients, and other benefactors.