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02 Sep: State-of-the-Art Product Development Partnering

Alloway’s research found there were no companies in the state of Ohio that offered respirometry testing services. They contacted CIFT, who connected them with The Ohio Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Center (OEAMC). OEAMC worked with Alloway to custom design and engineer a Mobile Respirometer System specifically for Alloway’s needs. Alloway saved over $100,000 with an increased investment of over $145,000 and avoided over $100,000 of unnecessary investments.

01 Sep: Finding Success Through Implementing Lean Manufacturing

To help Verhoff Machining & Welding, Inc. with their key areas of improvement, CIFT provided the “on-site” process education and “hands-on” shop floor experience and implementation of lean principles and techniques. The program’s implementation of lean manufacturing is projected to result in 165 jobs retained or created, and a potential revenue of more than $13,000,000 on an annual basis.

01 Sep: Food Safety Compliance Leads to Revenue

Amish Wedding Foods, operating in the center of Holmes County in beautiful Millersburg, Ohio, produces a wide variety of products…

01 Sep: CIFT Membership Consortium Delivers Value

The CIFT membership consortium is one of the pillar’s of the organization and the core component of industry engagement. The…

31 Aug: Willy’s Fresh Salsa rapid growth sparked by BRC certification

CIFT member, Willy’s Fresh Salsa, is a manufacturer of seven flavors of fresh salsa found in thousands of stores nationwide. Looking…

31 Aug: Randall Bearings enjoys flawless ISO 9001:2015 certification

Randall Bearings, Inc. specializes in custom bronze machined parts and offers a full line of cast bronze bushings, pillow blocks,…

30 Aug: Bringing Sloppy Joe Dream to Full Production

What started out as a humble sloppy joe recipe dream created by Don Hill Jr.’s grandmother in the 1960’s quickly…

26 Aug: 5 Hidden Energy Costs Driving Up Your Plant’s Energy Bill

Every plant manager wonders how they can bring down costs. Energy is one way that is always being looked at,…